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30 hours prior to Michelle Gisin’s Olympic Gold medal

This story takes place during the latest Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang in 2018.

This is the moving story of Michelle Gisin, the first female Swiss Olympic champion in alpine combined, from its devastating crash in the Downhill finish area to the amazing performance 30 hours later.

 « A True Athlete » is the book which tells the story of these 30 hours, the story of hours which would make the difference between triumph and defeat.

« The story of the 30 hours prior to my olympic victory in PyeongChang is full of insights and learnings. Just as my path to the olympic downhill race », comments Michelle Gisin. « I‘m very glad to have the possibility to share it with you, with the very interesting background story and analysis told by my sister and also olympic downhill champion Dominique and a person who knows both of us inside out: our sport psychologist Dr. Christian Marcolli. »

From Left to right: Dominique Gisin, Michelle Gisin and Christian Marcolli

« A True Athlete » is written in four languages (English, Italian, French and German) in one book and accompanied by many amazing photographies.

 « To pass on all my experience to my sister Michelle is something of the most rewarding I ever experienced. All the emotions, the inspiration and the unforgettable memories of this journey to Michelle’s gold medal in PyeongChang 2018 we now collected in the book « A True Athlete ». On top of our two perspectives, our mental coach Dr. Christian Marcolli shares his point of view on this extraordinary victory. We hope to share our passion and fire with the readers of this book all over the world », states Dominique Gisin.

Pre-order of « A True Athlete » book is available at https://www.michellegisin.ch/buch-shop/