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Petra Vlhova and Livio Magoni: end of partnership

Petra Vlhova and Livio Magoni have officialy announced the end of 5 years of partnership. Comments from Petra, its father and Livio Magoni which have been posted on Instagram.

Petra Vlhova

« It was a long and rocky road towards what we all so desperately wanted. Eventually, the dream came true and I hold a Big globe in my hands.
Amazing 5 years with you Livio, during which I learned a lot. I am immensely grateful for your time, your infinite energy, perfectionism and the hope you have constantly placed in me. One door is closing, and a thousand more are opening and we just have to choose those that are right for us. For this time, our doors are different.

Igor Vlhova
« Livio did a fantastic job with Petra and fulfilled all the goals we set together. I respect him very much and I want to thank him for his inspiring professionalism that has influenced our lives. I am convinced that on these core foundations that we have managed to build together, all the members of our Ski Team Vlha will be able to develop further. »

Livio Magoni
« 5 beautiful and incredible years passed quickly with an immense athlete who believed in me and in my working methods and concepts. We arrived at the top, on top of that mountain that 5 years ago was very high, with many sweet satisfactions in the middle, all obtained with great sacrifices. Since that day in Clusone Petra, Igor and my faithful colleague Matej Gemza have believed in it, we have sacrificed a lot but we have reached the top. Proud to have built a professional team and to have learned from them, thanks Boris, Stano, Simon, Marco, Mattia, Gigi, Matteo, Sona, Petra. It wasn’t just a good sporting story but a life lesson for all of us because that’s how sport has to be.
Thanks to all the Slovak people, amazing people, proud of your flag, your anthem and helping you to make you live all these moments.
Sorry for all my mistakes in these 5 years, but I guarantee you that I have put and given everything I had for this experience.